Monday, August 01, 2005


This is Contest for Star Wars bloggers to display their graphical talents in an in-character way. The Contest is open for anyone to enter, as long as they have a Star Wars blog. Join here


  • Each competition lasts just under two weeks after the task has been given. Times on the blog are given in GMT. Entries received after 2 weeks are ineligible. If I receive them before the two weeks but don’t post them immediately, or I receive them while asleep, they will count.
  • Competitions start on Saturday GMT. And close at midnight Friday, less than two weeks.
  • Two pictures per contestant are allowed.
  • Voting will commence after the two weeks has finished and will go until the next task.
  • If you want to submit a paragraph on your picture you may – it will be posted with your image; it may explain the picture or give background information on it.
  • A title should be included with your entry

Other Information:
Enter by emailing me with the picture as a link (if hosted on the net) or attachment (max size is 250 kb) - if your name isn't in the email address/sender name please tell me who you are.
Ineligible/late entries will be displayed but not able to be voted on, and may be carried on to the next task if the posted date is within two days of the end of the task.

This is for FUN; as such there should be no bad language or sportsmanship between contestants. (I know it is unnecessary to say that but I though I should anyway – You have been warned)